So for my final Project in my college class, i have to talk about something i really enjoy and write and talk about it. i chose the way fandoms interact with one another, the actors and the staff of said thing. 

I know i’m in a lot of fandoms, and some of them are the ‘holy trinity’ of tumblr. using and be apart of those i think will help me learn and observe the types of ways we communicate with our overlords and fellow shippers. 

but first i should make a small introduction…

hi i’m rachael, i’m 17 and i use tumblr constantly.


i’ve had my blog since 2010, and i’m a Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avengers, Nerdfighter, Potterhead, and fan of countless other things. 

i want to be able to talk to and get some great stories from people who have talked to the writers/actors or some amazing stories about the fandoms coming together to do amazing things. i know i had a hernia when i met John Green at VidCon 2013 after the post i made about him went so well. 

another great example is the way the Supernatural fandom goes crazy for Random Acts and gishwhes. or how the marvel fandom got #coulsonlives to ACTUALLY HAPPEN, i mean they wrote coulson back in…! or the Sherlock fandom this or the Doctor who fandom that. i could go on for ever. 

i really just want to understand the connections between everyone (fan-fan, fan-writer, fan-actor etc.)

you have any great stories you wanna tell me you could submit them in my submit/messages or tag them neverknewadnneverwill350r

I have a lot of feels right now and I don’t care who knows it.

I don’t know if you do this, but everyonce and a while, I’ll watch John and hanks reunion videos and they talk about how they are so happy preforming for the nerdfighters, it makes me tear up. They have grown as people in more was than I could count and it makes me so happy for them that I can’t. I just can’t. They are seriously awe-inspiring. And I’m thankful to be apart of something that they created.

my teacher today was asking us what classes she should teach next term, and i asked if we could read just john green books.

she looked him up. “he’s a youtube vlogger”???

i throw up my hands, sit straight up and go “YES AND HE’S THE BEST AND HE’S A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!” and then slouch back in my chair. my whole class just looks at me. “its not weird okay. i just really like him.”

"no one said it was weird." a dude who was staring at me like i was a creature from doctor who.


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